Iccy 810

The Iccy 810 is a medical diode laser system designed for applications in the dental and veterinarian section. Furthermore, the diode laser executes the cutting-edge Photo Dynamic Therapy aPDT. Followed by classical thermal modes of therapy like incisions, excisions, vaporisations, surgery and bleaching as much as Low-Level Biostimulation Therapy, the Iccy 810 is a true 3in1 supertalent. The Iccy 810 is produced in our German High-Tech center, disposing of defined lenses which originate from medical and optical high technology. An intuitive operator guidance, a special adapted, ergonomically formed applicator and fiber optic of different strength contribute to a precise working mode and easy handling. By precise light transmission via fiber, even areas that are difficult to access can be reached. Furthermore the therapy hardly bears any risk and is absolutely gentle during application. Discomforts after surgery are regressive by less risks of secondary bleeding and less need of anesthesia.

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